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Some examples of categories I would like to include to include:-

Forums (or is it Fora ?)
Pianos - Player & Straight
Street Organs
Large Organs
Gramophones & Phonographs


Mechanical Music Forums
Mechanical Music Digest - The most comprehensive forum on the Internet. It is a discussion forum conducted by e-mail and supported by an extensive searchable archive. Go to and then "Store" to subscribe (which is free with voluntary contributions).

Busker Organ Forum - Your queries on Busker/Street Organs, John Smith organs, and lots more.

Mechanical Music Societies

The Player Piano Group - UK society to promote interest in Player Pianos.

The Musical Box Society of Great Britain - All types of Mechanical Music.

North West Player Piano Association - a group of around 80 enthusiasts dedicated to the preservation of player pianos, reproducing pianos and similar instruments.

Mechanical Music Museums

In the Netherlands - Amsterdam - Pianola Museum -

In CANADA - Revelstoke Nickelodeon - Canada's ONLY Mechanical Music Museum -

Dealers in Mechanical Music

MusicBoxWorld (Germany) - Suppliers of Griesbaum Singing Bird Boxes and cages, spare parts (including "Whistlers"), and restoration work -

Kevin McElhone, supplier of instruments, parts, books, recordings, and music discs, Orchestrelle and other rolls etc.

Teánola Mechanical Music - Hand Cranked Street Barrel Organs & Manivelle Music Boxes Self Build Street Organ Kits Also Available

Julian Dyer, supplier of recut Duo-Art piano rolls.

Happy Cow Music, Stephen Simpson's Organ and Piano site, including Piano Rolls for sale.

Post Bid, PPG Music Roll Auctions -

Pianola Restorations & Antiques, QRS Music Rolls dealer (UK), restorations, and instruments for sale.

John Tuttle, QRS Music Rolls dealer (USA), and other information about Player Pianos.

New Piano Rolls from Julian Dyer.

Pianos - Player and Straight - Restoration & Information

Player-Care, does just what it says.....

The Player Piano Page. Lots of Information, Sales & wants.

Michael Boyd. UK Restoration, Repair, Maintenance, Sales and Purchases, and Music Rolls.

The Association of Blind Piano Tuners - UK Piano Page. All kinds of info about Pianos and Tuning.

Paul Corin, Cornwall.


Roller Organs - Todd Augsburger's site is all about Roller Organs - Organettes which use a small pinned wooden cylinder as the 'Program".

Organette Repair - Harold Draper's site, dedicated to the restoration of American and European hand cranked reed organettes and roller organs.

Street Organs

Rob Barker - See below

Teánola Mechanical Music - Hand Cranked Street Barrel Organs & Manivelle Music Boxes Self Build Street Organ Kits Also Available

Melvyn Wright's Busker Organ web site for all things Busker organ.

Large Organs

Rob Barker - "After 21 happy years at Alan Pell Music, I have moved on to my own workshop to trade independently. Please feel free to contact me for all your organ related requirements, large or small. New builds, restoration, tuning etc. I also have experience with church organs, harmoniums, player pianos & animated figures. I also arrange music for any scale. Competitive credit crunch beating quotes guaranteed!" You can e-mail Rob on

Melvyn Wright's Fair Organ web site.

Tamar Organ Club - Are rebuilding a Compton which will eventually be equipped with player mechanism - have a look, get involved -

Gramophones & Phonographs

Howard Hope - Information and sales of Gramophones & Phonographs.